We offer small to medium size businesses access to the most effective regional advertising channel in New Zealand… letterbox advertising. We can create it, print it, as well as deliver it to almost any location that your business needs to target!

We have found out that our client’s need their letterbox marketing to be easy to organise, budget friendly and of course most importantly cost effective with a good return on investment. And you’ll find all of this and more at printsaver.co.nz.

We offer a team of experienced designers to create stand out material for your letterbox campaigns, along with quick and extremely high quality print. And the final piece of the puzzle is the letterbox distribution, which is our speciality. Why you ask? Because we’re so good at it.

So let us help you with your next marketing campaign, feel free to give us a bell and we can get you started on the right foot.

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OUR PROMISE… We aim to respond to you within 2 hours on any working day!!

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