Well the short answer is YES, it can. And now for the long answer…
Direct marketing is the fastest way to get your message to your target audience. For more than 40 years this form of advertising has been proven over and over again by providing its advertisers the best return on investment.
You have probably heard of some very successful flyer distribution stories and you have possibly heard of some unsuccessful stories too, make no mistake that if it’s done incorrectly then it can be a waste of your time and money. If there’s an issue with your campaign, then it can come down to several area’s which can include:
• Bad design – this can be anything from too much text to looking unprofessional
• No call to action – how and where can customers reach you?  Is it clear on the flyer?
• Not relevantly targeted – do you know who you’re target market is?  This is very important
• The distribution company you have used
The best way to avoid these mistakes is to find a trusted company to guide you through, and ensure you don’t get caught in the pitfalls of the process.
Printsaver.co.nz has almost 10 years’ experience within this industry. Our success stems from our eager and dedicated staff, working as a team to share ideas, knowledge and a great understanding of advertising, direct mail and print, making us one of the leaders in the print and distribution industry in New Zealand.
Let us help you help your business with design, print & flyer distribution and be rest assured you are in the right hands.
Contact us today on (09) 476-0839 or start the ball rolling with a quote here.

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