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The Power of The Letterbox for the Tourism Industry

Recent research has indicated that up to 73% of those planning an overseas holiday read catalogues before making a buying decision. As you can see, this is a powerful opportunity for the tourism business to tap into the power of letterbox advertising. In a world where...

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  There used to be a time when brand loyalty meant something to the average consumer and let’s be honest, there’s still the odd diehard fan that just refuses to budge from their trusted relationship with XYZ no matter the cost.  But on a whole, times are changing,...

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Liquor Outlets and Unaddressed Mail

What do people use to choose their liquor purchases? Are you a liquor outlet and are not sure if catalogues or unaddressed mail are the right media channels to pursue? Here are some facts and figures that might interest you: 22% of consumers (871,000...

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Getting your customers attention

Attention Grabbing The media/ marketing environment is always changing, especially in the digital sense. Here, we look into ACA (Australsian Catalogue Association) research unveiling the truth behind the attention grabbing power of catalogues, flyers, and...

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How Printsaver can help you

Do you share some of the same thoughts as Frank? Do you need help advertising but don't know where to start?     Fill out the enquiry form at for a FREE quote.

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Can flyer distribution help your business?

Well the short answer is YES, it can. And now for the long answer…   Direct marketing is the fastest way to get your message to your target audience. For more than 40 years this form of advertising has been proven over and over again by providing its advertisers the...

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Creating a Brochure Design for your Business

Creating a brochure for your own business is not easy. This is why some business owners choose to outsource the creation of their brochure design along with the printing and distribution too. If you want to create your own brochure design, or you simply want to be...

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The Art Of Curation

Creating content for your blog or website is a mammoth (and sometimes tedious) task, especially if you're not someone inclined to throw together a 500 word article on a daily basis or you're a small business owner that has lack of time or funds to pay for someone else...

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The faithful and trusty flyer – a simple and quick way to get the word out about your brand, sale, special offer or any other number of promotions. We know flyer printing and distribution and do it well.

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Still one of the best ways to convey key information to potential customers, the brochure can take many forms. At Printsaver we’ve created, printed and distributed  brochures for businesses large and small.

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People still love the feel of a printed catalogue, and here at Printsaver we’ve done our fair share of them. From pharmaceuticals to homes and much in between, we can get it done.

Presentation Folders by Printsaver

Presentation Folders

Whether you’re a legal firm that needs to present contracts or a car dealership who wants to promote your new vehicles, presentation folders are a must. At Printsaver we know what it takes to present your products beautifully.

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We don’t only print flyers, brochures, catalogues and folders. At Printsaver we also print business cards, letterheads, posters, postcards, calendars and almost anything that can be printed…

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