When printing your marketing material, you will often find that whoever your printer is will ask for your files to be converted from RGB to CMYK. 

CMYK is the same breakdown that you will see in your average household printer; cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These are the fundamental colours that make up any shade of any colour you may wish to print. Whether your A4 flyer is made up of 5 different shades of blue, or your DL or DLE brochure has 10 different vibrant colours on it – all of them will be made up using a combination of CMYK colours. 

This is why your printers ask for the artwork files to be supplied in a CMYK format. RGB is a breakdown of red, green and blue. The range of colours that this can produce is a lot less than that of CMYK meaning that when your A1 poster is printed, if it is printed in RGB the colour will not be nearly as vibrant or powerful as it would have been if it was printed in CMYK. We print all our flyers, brochures, folders, booklets, presentation packs , catalogues and other print collateral in CMYK to ensure that the level of vibrancy and accuracy in the colours matches the feel of the design that you have created. 

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