In a digital world, where more and more people are wondering about the benefits of direct mail, we thought we would highlight why direct mail has its advantages.

Direct mail helps to build brand trust. The online world is saturated with adverts making it harder for customers to distinguish those that are legitimate companies. Those companies that reinforce their message and branding can help grow brand awareness and trust. It is an opportunity for businesses to stand out.

With direct mail you can target your marketing through a number of factors such as geography, previous purchases with your business, age, etc. You can customise your print media to tailor to your customers’ needs and wants.

It is easy to track direct mail by using clever tools such as QR codes to include a digital experience as well as tracking, setting up a unique telephone number or website landing page to record responses and/or including a coupon for a discount offer.

Flyers and print ads are more tangible. They come in a multitude of formats, and they have a physical form. You can use this to add another dimension to your advertising by incorporating different materials for a different experience. Promotions can come in different shapes, including 3D and can be interactive. They can also include samples of your products. There are so many creative ways to use this form of marketing.

Launching a direct mail campaign allows you to anticipate a response and gear your business accordingly. Online adverts can be more sporadic. You don’t need experience with digital to get the message and won’t be easily distracted from the message. Printed material is easier to draw a customer in to your call to action. It is a simple form of marketing that is highly customisable and that most people understand.

At Print Saver we know how to generate the most out of direct mail, so contact us today and we can get started with your campaign.

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