In this short article we’re going to look at paper stock, why it’s important and how to select the right paper for your flyer printing.

There are three main factors you need to consider when choosing the right paper for your flyers, that’s size, weight, and finish.

So let’s start with size. Consider how much information you have to fit on the Flyers and its purpose.  Here is a list of what you might like to include on your flyer:

  • Attention grabbing headline
  • Company logo
  • A message to convey what you’re selling
  • A great image
  • A call to action
  • Phone number and/or email address

DL flyers, our most popular size, which are 99mm by 210mm, fits well in the hands and has a good amount of space to fit plenty of information about your business. Don’t forget you also have 2 sides to work with if you choose.

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Finish – Use a matt finish if you’re planning on using a lot of text as it’s easier to read, and gloss for images & visual print as it gives it a nice pop.

And finally the paper weight. 130gsm paper is best for advertising flyers since it’s light and easy to distribute. A thicker paper such as 250 to 400 gsm gives the impression of luxury and a strong message to be saved, so if you want people to hang on to your flyers and you have the budget, going for a thicker paper for flyer printing is a great option.

Flyers are still one of the best ways to advertise your local business, at just 5c per unit it can be far more effective than online advertising.  Check out our deals or get in touch for a chat to discuss your flyer printing needs.

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