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If you had any concerns about a marketing campaign based on flyer distribution have look at this article and it will put them at ease.

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When looking at promotional options, flyer printing may not be high on the list. However, compared to many other strategies, such as placing adverts or direct mail, flyers are an extremely cost-effective and successful marketing tactic.

Flyers are a brilliant way of balancing the amount you spend on marketing with the custom accrued from the campaign. As a low-cost but effective method, flyer printing boosts your business without bleeding your budget dry.

This is particularly true for small and local businesses. While multi-nationals and giant corporates can both afford and benefit from expensive advertising in local and national newspapers and on the radio, the benefits for smaller organisations are minimal with this kind of blanket coverage, even if you do splash out on such adverts. What exactly are the benefits associated with flyer printing, and how can you take best advantage of them?


All businesses need to promote themselves, and there are many ways to go about this, depending on the size and type of organisation. Some forms of advertising are extremely expensive, and the equivalent of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut – spending your marketing budget indiscriminately and with minimal impact. One of the more effective forms of promotion available to smaller businesses is flyer printing. Why is this?


First and foremost, your promotion must be targeted. Rather than drain your budget with untargeted strategies, channel it carefully into pre-selected sections of the market. Flyer printing is the most workable way of targeting an assessed, local audience, through attention-grabbing design, focused content, low-cost printing and easy distribution. Three simple steps can see you well on the way to maximum returns from your marketing investment.

Design and content

An eye-catching design goes a considerable distance towards attracting your customers’ notice, so the design of your flyers is something to take into careful consideration. A refined message on your flyer printing makes sure that what your customers read is structured and convincing. Ask your flyer printing company for assistance, especially in the final stages. Bear your target market in mind, and put yourself in your customer’s shoes: would you be drawn to and prepared to buy the product you’re promoting?

Unlike adverts placed among other text, flyer printing has the advantage of specifically promoting your product alone, with no other distractions, as there would be on the page of a newspaper.

Printing process

Printing processes for flyers are not costly. Digital printing is an especially affordable way of flyer printing, as the print runs can be short and economical. Thanks to the short runs, digitally printed flyers enable highly tailored and succinct pitching, reducing waste not only in terms of money spent but in terms of the attention of prospective customers. A bespoke printed flyer, aimed at a localised, target audience, is much more effective than huge runs of less well-targeted promotional material that will end up being categorised with the ‘junk mail’, and ignored.

What is more, the tangible presence of a flyer printing and distributing campaign means that they go even further than the first person who picks them off their doormat. A single flyer may well reach more than a single person – family and friends as well as the initial recipient may come across it. A well-designed flyer will make multiple impacts, without any more money or effort on your part. Many unanticipated sales may result from a few well-designed and positioned flyers.


Targeted distribution is the final step in the flyer printing process, from design to prospective customer. Maybe a new nearby housing estate, some streets in the suburbs or some outlying villages, would provide a wide potential customer base – and Royal Mail are one of a number of reliable distributors who will distribute your targeted flyers. Once they are out there, the potential domino effect of this inexpensive promotional material means the amount you spend on customers will be far outweighed by the amount of custom you gain.flyer printing & distribution

To conclude, flyer printing is cheap, easy, highly targeted and effective as a marketing strategy for smaller or more local businesses, and a great way of getting the most out of your marketing budget.

The above information is proof that flyer campaigns are becoming a more viable and economical option for Businesses no matter how big or small. Adding to this we can implement campaigns that work within your budget and target market so you know that your advertising dollar isn’t been wasted.

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