Print collateral has been a longstanding member of the marketing team of many companies. When creating printed material such as brochures, DL flyers (or DLE as some prefer to say), A4 to DL trifold letters, posters, catalogues and signage, Graphic Designers aim to create something that is visually engaging and the message long lasting. The tactile feeling of holding a flyer, brochure or catalogue in your hands has so much more impact than seeing a fleeting advertisement on your TV. A flyer can be stuck on your fridge for future reference, whereas the memory of that 5 second ad on the telly disappears and doesn’t share the same life span. Print media has been around for millennia – while we may no longer use Papyrus to print our latest deals on the sentiment remains the same – print is primal and essential for nearly every business we can think of. 

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