Fun Fact: there isn’t one really…

A DL flyer is printed 99mm x 210mm – and so is a DLE flyer.

But so many people call the flyer a DLE when the correct term is DL.

The ‘E’ on the end of DLE actually references the size of the envelope needed to fit the flyer or letter into; DL is the name of the flyer dimensions and ‘E’ stands for envelope. So whether you ask for a DL flyer to be printed or a DLE flyer to be printed, the end product is exactly the same. 

People have been calling them DL’s and DLE’s for years so there is no point trying to change things now, just add in this little nugget of information to your brain storage and when you’re called upon to explain the difference between a DL and a DLE flyer or brochure to someone you will know exactly what to say!

We have some great bulk print deals on DL flyers and brochures….and printing DLE (haha) – so click on the link below to view them and get in touch with the Printsaver team to see how they can help you and your business with all your printing needs.

FYI – we can print envelopes too!

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